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Santa's Chimney Sweeps does not have to rely on Angie's List or HomeAdvisor. Our reputation speaks for itself in the Birmingham, Bloomfield and surrounding areas.

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Long-Term Chimney Care

Make sure your fireplace can be enjoyed for years to come with affordable, full-service preventative maintenance and chimney repairs from our company. Based in Birmingham, Michigan, Santa's Chimney Sweeps conducts thorough inspections to check the integrity of the structure and make all of the necessary recommendations to bring it up to the National Fire Protection Association's design code 211.

Reinforcing Key Structural Supports

Whether a few bricks are loose or the flu is on the verge of collapse, you can count on us to restore your chimney to that untouched, newly constructed look. Using the current building codes as guides, our techs can make spot repairs or reconstruct it depending on the extent of damages. Furthermore, we reapply the protective layer of mortar and crown to shield the underlying brick from the heat and smoke as they rise from the flu to the vent.

In addition to the interior of the chimney, if the chimney is accessible at the time of cleaning we will go on the roof to make a visual inspection if not our techs will use drones to inspect for any repairs and violations we may find. This protective edge traps heat and smoke while keeping water out, preventing water damage and maintaining a clear route for the smoke to dissipate. 

Protect Your Chimeny Protect Your Investment

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