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Santa's Chimney Sweeps does not have to rely on Angie's List or HomeAdvisor. Our reputation speaks for itself in the Birmingham, Bloomfield and surrounding areas.

Comprehensive Cleaning at Affordable Rates

As picturesque as fireplaces are, they are also a leading cause of fires due to the accumulated soot and creosote sitting above the hearth and on the walls of the smoke chamber, flu and firebox. Santa's Chimney sweeps Based in Birmingham, Michigan, Santa's Chimney Sweeps uses state-of-the-art-equipment and best practices when chimney cleaning to ensure the safety and functionality of your fireplace and furnace chimneys. From simple hearth cleaning to scrubbing the inside of the smoke chamber, flu and firebox, no portion of your chimney goes untouched by our chimney cleaners.



Reaching Every Nook & Cranny

No matter the project, we want to treat every residence as if were our own, which is why we take every precaution to protect your home. We start by clearing out the room. We then lay a drop cloth  in front of your hearth.  Next, using our special chimney vacuum,  we put the hose in your fireplace this controls all the soot and dust from getting into your home.  Finally, a tech will insert himself into the firebox to scrub the flue, smoke chamber, and smoke shelf of any residual combustible material. These final areas are the most important spots to clean, as they are typically what ignite and turn a nice evening around the fireplace into an emergency.


A Level One 21-Point Inspection

Landlords, tenants, and homeowners alike, investing your time for a chimney inspection could be the difference between replacing the chimney crown and rebuilding your chimney, brick by brick. During an inspection, one of our technicians reviews the primary components of the chimney for cracks or leaks, as well as its fumigating capacity and general condition. With the results in hand, our tech will then recommend any actions you can take and answer your questions about things you can do to maintain your fireplace.

We follow all guidelines set forth by the National Fire Protection Association section 211 when inspecting chimneys and fireplaces.

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